Healthy and energetic thanks to the cycling food plan

Are you planning on doing an intensive workout by riding your bicycle? It is very important to prepare yourself and to know what nutritions to eat during training. To make sure you don’t train beyond your power and use too much of your energy, you can make a cycling food plan. Not sure where to begin, follow the food plan provided by EatMyRide.

This article tells you about the cycling food plan and how it is adapted in your body and ability. Using the app EatMyRide you will discover how you can follow a cycling training plan and get the most effective results for your physical condition and health.

Developing the cycling food plan

Because everyone is different and so is outer circumstances, it is impossible to provide a global cycling food plan for everyone to use. Not only difference between gender and age are determinative as conditions for an optimal cycling food plan, other factors like the weather also play a role in deciding what to eat during cycling.

An application is developed so you can sketch your personal cycling food plan. The experts of EatMyRide dove into the subject. They layed out an optimal plan you can use, so you know what nutritions you need before, during or after an intensive cycling trip.

The useful features of the cycling food plan

Using the application with your personal cycling food plan, you’ll get help from the following features that are included within the app.

  • Easily created nutrition plans: when you put in your personal data, like your weight, length, age, body fat et cetera, the app knows which cycling food plan fits with your condition and health. A part of the application is telling you at what time and how much to eat. With the right information of what exercise is on your agenda and what products you want to eat, the cycling food plan tells you when to take your nutritions.
  • Using real food products: the app from EatMyRide does the calculation for you. So instead of telling you how many calories you can take, the cycling food plan knows exactly how much of which product you can eat during cycling.
  • Shown on fitness device: while cycling it is not recommended to take a look on your smartphone to see if it is time for a nutrition product. That’s why the app is available on your smartwatch and on your cycling computer. You won’t get in any danger for grabbing your phone, because the information you need will be visible on your cycling devices.
  • The intensity level of your exercise will be predicted by the cycling food plan. It depends on your personal data and on the outer circumstances, but the app gives you the right intensity level at the right moment.

Time to install the cycling food plan from EatMyRide

Are you excited about the personal cycling food plan, or do you simply need help for your own sport schedule? With the food plan provided by EatMyRide you know exactly what nutritions to eat during your bicycle ride. Make sure you fill in the right data of your personal health and use the professional and easy to use application by EatMyRide.

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